Surfacing Reel

shading artist problem: realizing that you’ve been painting a map in Mari for the last hour only to realize that the resolution is a quarter of the size it is supposed to be.

Uh. So Dragons 2 was pretty fantastic. So beyond that, DreamWorks treated the class to the movie and our guest saw the movie with us. Uh that’s pretty sweet but here’s the kicker. This week we are in layout so we have Gil Zimmerman, the HEAD OF LAYOUT on Dragons 1 and Dragons 2 helping us with our 30 second shorts. Uh, pretty big deal. Having some trouble breathing at this point. And then, AND THEN… he sits next to me… for the movie… yeah… I just watched Dragons 2 sitting next its Head of Layout.



I can’t…

Anonymous: You have 'perusing a MFA' when you should have 'pursuing an MFA'.

Oh hey… Fix it. Thanks!

Gretchen M. Freitag

So I just spent the last 3 days revamping my website… 

Oh and in other news, I’m updating my branding. I’ll post all the final branding stuff a bit later when I get it all finished. Trying to get business cards done before I head to SIGGRAPH in August. 

I really enjoy editing themes. One of these days I’ll make my own from scratch.

oh man… sending files through the render farm when no one is here is like Christmas.

We started the Dreamworks Industry Course last week and I’m super excited. It’s going to be a ton of work but it will all be worth it…

VIZA 618 Facial Modeling and Animation Final Project.

Department of Visualizations. Texas A&M University.

Modeled in Maya & Mudbox. Animation & Lighting in Maya. Rendered with Renderman. 

We asked our heads, “What makes you a head… above the rest?”

"A head… Are you kidding me? Do you think you’re being clever? Come on. Seriously? I can’t even believe that this is a question. This is ridiculous."

Thank you Dr. Fred Parke, VIZA 618 Class, and Katy Callaway, the sassiest voice in Aggieland.

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